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Our Story

The Beginning
After a long successful operation in Baghdad, Iraq, Navy SEAL Sean Haggerty had one thing on his mind – an ice-cold beer.  He was unable to procure one in the midst of a combat zone, but this was a problem worth solving. The solution: a home brewing kit delivered to the Middle East.  He crafted up his first batch of “tolerable in a warzone” beer, but from there a new passion was born.  He fell in love with the process and artistry that goes into brewing, and couldn’t stop creating once he was back stateside. Any downtime opportunity Sean got during his time in the SEAL Teams, he was brewing different beer styles and trying to perfect recipes. After many years, and boundless support and assurance from his wife and co-founder Cory Haggerty to go organic, the wheels were set into motion. Sean linked up with fellow “frogman” Ryan Sangster and two longtime friends, Ryan Allis and Mark Thorsen, to forge Protector Brewery.
A Greater Purpose
As the moniker suggests, Protector Brewery was conceptualized by people who have always felt a strong urge to protect.  While at one point that meant serving this great nation during a time of war, it has since evolved. Protector is determined to create a legacy within the beer community by doing our part to assist in the sustainability, overall health, and welfare of our planet for generations to come. We believe that we are temporary stewards of this natural world, and that organic methods support our entire interconnected web of life in the best way possible.
Who We Are & What We Do
Belief in the importance of always doing the right thing is a pillar of our culture here at Protector. As a family owned business, we strive for the utmost integrity and transparency in not only the way we do business, but in how we present our product to the world. On the back of every can, customers can find a complete list of clean organic ingredients. We place great significance on the power of choice when considering a craft beer. We wanted to create the freedom for our customers to be able to choose an option that is not only delicious, but also free of toxic ingredients and promotes the longevity of our environment.
The Product
When you taste one of our award-winning craft brews you know exactly what you’re getting in every sip. All of our ingredients are grown in the U.S.A. – there are no GMO’s, no harmful synthetic pesticides, no artificial flavors or preservatives. We only use pure, natural, USDA certified organic elements in every batch, which are fully vegan friendly. All of the brewing chemicals we use are EPA certified, with only a positive or neutral impact on the ecosystem. Plus, we only use packaging that is 100% recyclable.
– The Protector Team